Hier nun die Playlist wie immer zum nachhören, nachtanzen.
Nächste INSOMNIAQUE am 26.08.2018

Hollow Skies
Rue Oberkampf – Agitation
PIGALLE – Si on m’avait dit
Red Sol – Skin
Extravague – Sous La Lumière Électrique

Paul Armfield – Under The Linden
Yo La Tengo –
Stupid Things
Other Lives – For 12
The Blue Angel Lounge – melloch halb und halb
Clan Of Xymox – Medusa


Madrugada – Hands Up – I Love You
Manic Street Preachers – Ocean Spray
Mando Diao – Good
Morning, Herr Horst
Spiritual Front – Disaffection
French Cowboy & Lisa Li Lund – The End Of The Story
Okou – To The Bone

Hollow Skies

Unur – Meanwhile, In The Food Chain
Werther Effekt – Guerrier Soviétique
Staatseinde feat. Wout Waanders – Weerbaren
Crash Course In Science – It Cost’s To Be Austere
Pascow – Zeit des
Plomb – Crazy Monkeys
Koban – L’ombre

Murder At The Registry – Blessed Curse
The Gun Club – The Lie
Sara Stuttgart – Last Step
Ritual Veil – Gray Filter

Ghostpoet – X Marks the Spot (feat. Nadine Shah)
Hurricane Dean – Flat Random Noise
The Hives – Blood Red Moon
Moby – That’s When I Reach For My Revolver
Giant Sand – Stranded Pearl
Cortex – The Freaks

Hollow Skies
Rue Oberkampf -Caméra
V V Brown – Samson – V V Brown
RosaCrvx – 30 Omnes Qvi Descendvnt
KatzKab – Strange Meat
Doll & the Kicks – He Was a Dancer
Pascow – Lauf Forrest, Lauf
Bragolin – Into Those Woods

Depeche Mode – everything counts (shred)
Distel – Galapagos
Adan & Ilse – Bleeding For You
Morthem Vlade Art – His Striped Suit
Brandenburg – No Name

HaBanot Nechama – Mea Achuz Or (100% Light)
Cure/Björk- A Hidden Forest Mashup
Gry with FM Einheit – Princess Crocodile
Babylon Circus – La Cigarette
Hollow Skies
Pigalle – Dans la Salle du Bar-Tabac de la Rue des Martyrs
Goran Bregovic – Be
That Man

Hollow Skies
Sieben – Crumbs
Marta Raya – Automatisch
White Room – painless
Das Flug – die Verwandlung der welt
Deathray Bam! – Needle In Your Eyes

7JK – The Centre Of The Universe
He Said – Shapes To Escape
Peter Murphy – Subway
Soft Kill – Bunny Room
Traitrs – Pale
Fugazi – Waiting

Hippies – Adieu
Suzanne Vega – I Never Wear White
Findlay – Wild &
Eels – Bone Dry
Herman Düne – Holding A Monument
Mélanie Pain – Bye Bye Manchester

Hollow Skies
Dresden Dolls – Girls Anachronism
Sieben – Here Is The News
Zanitas – Follow the Body
SCHONWALD – Berlin Ice
Galatée – Le Juin La Sirène